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The college year is divided into:
  • Semester 1 (Term 1 and Term 2)
  • Semester 2 (Term 3 and Term 4)

2014 Student Guide
Out now: your guide to everything from the student calendar to exam policies.


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Listen to Arnie's Story...

Arnie's Garden

Teachers and students have called Arnie a real life hero! Arnie Stewart is unafraid to tell his story of struggle and hope to students of all ages. Arnie has lived most of his life not being able to read and write. His stories are told from the heart as only he can tell them. Arnie's Garden is a record of Arnie's dream for a better tomorrow in literacy.

You may also like to visit Arnie's website to learn more about this courageous man"

Have a positive attitude:
Be strong and determined to overcome any roadblocks along the way and turn them into a positive experience.
There are always lessons to learn:
Read all about Sarah Martinelli from Behind the News
Set realistic goals and stick to your road map.
Each stop along the way should lead you to your final destination.
(Adapted from: http://www.abc.net.au/talkitup/workitout/yourfuture.htm)
(www.experienceworks.ca/ images/Q_nyilas.gif)

Try to find a positive aspect to studying...

Why not watch your favourite film in English and write down some useful words or phrases that you want to remember.

Meet friends and study English together. You can repeat your English vocabulary, do your homework together and help each other with English grammar. Studying with friends simply is much more fun.
It’s also a good oportunity to exchange ideas on studying in general. Maybe your friends have found out about a good way of studying more effectively. Or, who knows, maybe you can advise your friends on this?
(Adapted from: http://www.ego4u.com/en/cram-up/learning/friends)